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Mortgages for homes of unusual construction

Concrete. There are many pre fabricated, concrete homes (PRC homes) up and down the UK, usually dating from the 1950s when quick, affordable housing was needed. One of the most common examples of this is Wimpey no fines homes houses thrown up in great number as social housing after the Second World War.

Laboratory Investigation of Compacted No Fines

No fines concrete had a lower modulus of elasticity than conventional concrete. The ultimate drying shrinkage of compacted no fines concrete was found to be approximately 280 × 10 −6, about half that typically expected in conventional concrete.

Non traditional wall types

Concrete building blocks sometimes given a finished face, sometimes rendered. Their main problem is the rusting of the steel within the concrete wall ties. No Fines. Used for a number of types of blocks of flats, these were made from a type of poured concrete building that contained no fine aggregates.

Corrosion behavior of reinforced no fines concrete

The CO 2 induced corrosion behavior of no fines concrete manufactured with three different strength classes and reinforcements is compared. The main results showed that black steel corrodes with rates three times higher with respect to those monitored in the other reinforcements, with higher corrosion rates in lower strength class concretes.

Wimpey No Fines Buy or Not to buy? —

11/7/2022 · I had a surveyor who specialises in Wimpey no fines and he said that if any cracks form around the corners of the windows then you will want to get it investigated or stay away. If cracks are left open, water can penetrate and cause rust to the small amount of steel reinforcement around the windows in the concrete.

No Fines Concrete Right Steel

In No fines concrete, the strength primarily depends on the water/cement ratio, aggregate cement ratio and unit weight of concrete. It is generally made between 6:1 to 10:1 aggregate cement ratio. Another important factor in no fines concrete is its water cement ratio.

Bonding of Old and New Concrete

· In construction, there always comes a time when there is need to bond old hardened concrete (substrate) with fresh concrete topping/overlay. This post aims to explain how to bond old and fresh concrete successfully, and also review the strength of interfacial bond between old and new concrete based on already carried out experimental works.

No Fines Concrete (As Road Pavement) IJIRT

No fines concrete : No Fines concrete is a mixture of cement, water and a single sized coarse aggregate combined to produce a porous structural material. It has a high volume of voids, which is the factor responsible for the lower strength and its lightweight nature. No fines concrete has many

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· Morning! I am probably going to use some 'no fines concrete' to back fill my Boral Keystone walls. Their spec's say ratio water to cement with

No fines concrete What is no fines concrete?

· The no fines concrete consists of cement, coarse aggregate and water. Thus the fine aggregate or sand is eliminated and such concrete has been adopted for cast in situ external load bearing walls of single and multi storey houses, small retaining walls,

CIP 38 Concrete

Typically pervious concrete has little to no fine aggregate and has just enough cementitious paste to coat the coarse aggregate particles while preserving " No Fines Pervious Concrete for Pav ing," Concrete International, Vol. 10, No. 8, August 1988, pp. 20 27. 3. Storm Water Technology Fact Sheet Porous Pavement, United

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This type of concrete contains no sand. The characteristics of No Fines concrete makes it ideal for use as a stable sub surface drainage layer. It can also serve as an insulating or damp proofing layer. Compressive strength rangers between 4 and 10 MPa at 28 days.

Wimpy No Fines Vents How to block properly? DIYnot

3/9/2022 · I worked on Wimpey "no fines", (houses and flats) in the mid 60's, in Gosport and Portsmouth, (Hampshire), and i think you'll find there they do not have a cavity filled with shingle. It probably said it was 2 skins of plywood shuttering, filled with concrete, containing no

Porous Concrete Products Mass Block Retaining Wall

Graviti® concrete is a high strength no fines mix design. This unique mix allows sub soil water to pass through freely, the Graviti® Mass Block is manufactured to specific design. Read more about our Graviti® Concrete.

High Strength Permeable Pavement using no Fines Concrete

no fines concrete. The concrete samples were tamped 25 times and split into three layers. This procedure ensures sufficient compaction has been produced. Figure 3– Compacting the no fines concrete when moulding Figure 4–No fines concrete after fill in

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As the name implies, no fines concrete does not contain sand or fine aggregate. There are several uses for this open textured and voided material typically as a lightweight concrete fill or as a drainage medium.


Naturally, the concrete contains large amount of voids which make the concrete lightweight and reduces its overall strength. The compressive strength of no fines concrete is very low and depends on the water cement ratio, cement content, and aggregate grades.

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No Fines Concrete 1. Dias Gandy Prakoso 20120110003 Dhany Setyawan 20120110004 Eko Agrelyo Pratama 20120110006 Dicky Saputra 20120110008 When it's rains, it drains Use No – Fines Concrete Go Green Universitas Muhammadiyah 2.

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No Fines Concrete is literally that—concrete made without fine aggregate so it has high permeability and drainage capacity. Boral No Fines permeable concrete, w High Durability (Marine, Acidic) Durable concrete resists weathering, deterioriation or chemical

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No fines concrete is a type of concrete used in early forms of tower blocks and blocks of flats. It is obtained by eliminating the fine material sand, from the normal concrete mix. The single sized coarse aggregates are surrounded and held together by a thin layer of cement paste giving strength of concrete. The advantages of this type of concrete are lower density, lower cost due to lower

No Fines Concrete as Ecologic Stream Bank Erosion Control

· No fines concrete is used for construction of pavement, storm water control utilities and green houses. This paper discusses the application of no fines concrete as an ecology preservative method for stream bank erosion control. Soil erosion is an important factor that can trigger the instability of an embankment.

Development of No Fines Concrete Pavement

No fines concrete is a type of concrete from which the fine aggregate is totally omitted and single sized coarse aggregates are held together by a binder consisting of a paste of hydraulic cement and water. The earliest application of no fines concrete dates back to

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9/3/2022 · Some concrete construction houses are worse than others as the steel rots and forces the concrete away but the Wimpy no fines ones don't seem to suffer this problem. Never had any problems with damp and found the house overall to be well insulated : in the winter the house would maintain the heat well, and in the summer the house would be refreshingly cool in the downstairs rooms.

No Fines Concrete Services, Die Wilgers,, Pretoria

No Fines Concrete Services, Die Wilgers,, Pretoria No Fines Concrete Can Be Supplied. It Is Mixed To Comply With The SANS 878 Specification And Eastern Readymix Is A Producer Member Of SARMA South African Readymix Association. Concrete Can Be

Thermal Conductivity of No Fines Concrete

Thermal Conductivity of No Fines Concrete In simple word thermal conductivity is a measure of ability of a material (here concrete) to conduct flux of heat through concrete. The units used are j/m 2 s 0 C/m or Btu/ft 2 h 0 F/ft. In normal concrete, this property depends largely on composition of concrete mix.

No Fines Concrete Gunlake Concrete Sydney's Concrete

Wherever strength and water drainage is required, you can count on Gunlake's No Fines concrete mixes for any domestic or industrial application. The expertly formulated concrete mix can be used up to 50mL in thickness and is ideal for used as a base for box culverts increeks and underneath tennis courts to achieve excellent water drainage.

Making holes in no fines concrete walls DIYnot Forums

· House walls are no fines construction. It's a devil to affix things to these walls. I like the idea of using a diamond core drilll, to make say 15 or

Permeable Concrete Retaining Wall CornerStone 100

Permeable Concrete also known as no fines concrete was developed as an alternative to standard Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) and geogrid reinforced retaining walls. With No fines permeable concrete the retaining wall blocks and concrete become one porous mass eliminating the need for costly rebar and geogrids which can demand a lot of excavation and backfilling.

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